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Tube sites mean that porn is freely available to surfers BUT most of it is low quality, cliched crap. And there are plenty of porn consumers out there that want something different. Something better.

And they're prepared to pay for it.

Bright Desire offers well-made porn that focuses on the positive aspects of sex. It's got intimacy, laughter and passion - important emotional aspects that you rarely get in mainstream porn. And it respects both the performers and the audience.
There are a LOT of men and women who are searching for porn that makes them feel good, not just physically but emotionally and philosophically. Bright Desire is all about bringing the joy back into porn and that's something that's still rare in today's market.

Bright Desire can be promoted to both men and women. It's a form of "couples porn" that's broader in scope than what you'll normally see within that genre. It's mostly straight but isn't afraid to include queer content. It's a place for individuals to explore fantasy without judgement or labels - and that includes straight guys.

Put simply, promoting Bright Desire is about promoting something new and different to your surfers.

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* By the way, if you're concerned that the occasional bit of queer content on Bright Desire might frighten off straight men, remember that transsexual porn is one of the top selling niches in porn. A lot of straight guys want to explore... they just don't want to be labelled when they do that. Bright Desire makes a safe space for that to happen.