Vince Velvet Solo

“I love the way you look at me.”

In this scene from “The Thought Of Her” DVD, Vince Velvet engages in a spot of self-loving. Vince ad-libbed the erotic voiceover that accompanies the scene. A married man, he was thinking of his wife at the time. Vince also gives his thoughts about life and porn in a separate interview, also available at Bright Desire.

“The Thought Of Her” DVD was nominated for a 2012 Feminist Porn Award.


Bright Desire offers new wave, sex positive porn. It seeks to offer a better kind of erotic experience, one that inspires joy as well as pleasure.
Catering to women, to men, to everyone, this is porn with intimacy, sensuality, laughter, emotion, passion, imagination and realism.
A smarter kind of sex without all the negativity and cliche of regular porn.

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