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Please read!

- If you fail the first login attempt, a "human test" will appear with faces.
You need to check your login details (they're case sensitive), type them in carefully and then click on the right faces

- If you try too many times the script will block you for several hours.

- If you use the back button from the failure landing page you cannot get a correct result.

- Some mobile devices discretely capitalise the first letter of usernames and passwords.
This could have happened during the signup process or may be happening during the login process. Please check that you are using the correct login credentials.

- The highlighting of the last image on touch devices can be difficult to see. On some devices using some browsers it only looks raised. This is sufficient.

- Forcing a refresh of the browser will reset the StrongBox human test.

- Some browsers re-open the last session. If you try to login from a browser that has re-opened the last session you will probably get a fail result. Forcing a refresh is necessary in this situation too.

- Some browsers on some phones will show which pictures you've highlighted it you click on the grey background of the human test.


- We can change your credentials if you're not happy with them.

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