Content Appeal

All films and photography created by Bright Desire has been produced consensually and ethically. All performers are paid, sign consent forms and provide evidence that they are over 18 at the time of filming and this evidence is kept securely on file by the producers. All licensed content featured at Bright Desire is likewise documented.

Mastercard now requires all adult websites using their services to provide a content appeal process related to illegal or non-consensual content. This page exists to comply with that rule.

If you are a performer and you think that Bright Desire has used non-consensual content use this form to submit an appeal. Please provide details as to what content is being appealed (URL of content), provide proof that you are in the video/photos and tell us what the exact problem is with the content.

It will be responded to and investigated within 7 business days. In the unlikely event that the content is found to be nonconsensual or illegal, it will be removed within those 7 days.

Once again, Bright Desire is an ethical company and we do not expect that anyone will need to use this form.

Note: Do not use this form for login problems, membership enquiries or any other contact issue.