Who runs this site?

Me, Ms. Naughty. I’m a filmmaker, webmistress and writer. Created in 2012, Bright Desire is an independently created and owned site and is essentially run by just one person (with some help from my husband!) I like to think this makes it very personalized 🙂

What do I get when I join?

Bright Desire features:
* All of the exclusive porn videos that I’ve made to either stream online or to download and own permanently.
* Interviews with the performers
* Director’s commentary, behind-the-scenes footage and bloopers
* Short films and mini documentaries
* Scenes and short films from guest directors
* Erotic photography
* Erotic fiction written by me and other quality writers
* Columns about sex, relationships and life
* Porn movie reviews
* Bonus “Under The Bed” porn section, featuring more videos and photos

How is this site different from other porn?

Bright Desire doesn’t offer the kind of LA porn you see everywhere on the net. My videos don’t use the tired cliches or traditions of porn valley and the site doesn’t engage in the negativity, misogyny and disrespect that has become so common. My films are about depicting sex in a positive way, showing intimacy, fun and real pleasure. The sex looks more like the sex people have at home – and that includes things like lube and vibrators. I use two cameras and edit carefully so the scenes don’t become boring or monotonous. I try to enhance the experience with voiceovers or other effects in an effort to add emotion or fantasy to the scenario.

My performers have all been active participants in the setup of the scene and they get to decide what sex they have, how and when. My films show real female orgasms and the guys are free to ejaculate internally if they wish. There’s no expectation that the performers be “open to the camera” or hamming it up for the viewer. They simply do what they do and I try and capture what I can.

The site takes a feminist perspective of sexuality. This accepts that sexuality and gender can be fluid and diverse. There are no rigid “straight” or “gay” sections on this site and it includes content that would be labelled both gay and straight in the mainstream industry. Bright Desire believes that fantasies are fun but they don’t necessarily define your sexuality or gender.

What video formats do you offer?

The main video format is mp4 (AVC H264) which is supported by most browsers and can be viewed on Windows PCs and Macs. My HD videos, medium quality videos and small mobile device videos are mp4.

The site offers some video in HTML5 which means that it will stream the video in either mp4, Ogg Vorbis (ogv) or Google’s WebM format, depending on your browser.

How do I cancel my membership?

Bright Desire’s billing is handled by a third-party credit card processor called CCBill. If you wish to cancel your membership, please visit their support page.

Will I be charged for anything once I’ve subscribed?

No. Once you’ve paid for a membership there are no further costs incurred. Everything within the member’s area of Bright Desire is available to you. Of course, if you choose to purchase adult products from one of our recommended stores, you will need to pay for those separately.

Are your performers treated well?

Bright Desire aims to create ethical porn and this means ensuring that the performers are paid properly and given respect for their work. All performers involved in Bright Desire/Indigo Lush films are either professional sex workers or willing amateurs who were happy to participate in their respective scenes. We extensively brief our performers before their scenes about what is planned (if anything), how we shoot and give them opportunities to make suggestions and to negotiate. We also make sure that if there is any hesitation the scene doesn’t go ahead.

Most scenes are not scripted and the performers essentially have carte blanche to do whatever they wish and whatever gives them pleasure.

Please read our full statement on ethics and consent at Bright Desire.

What about safe sex?

Bright Desire takes safe sex seriously and believes that being safe can also be sexy. Performers are given a choice as to whether they wish to use barriers or not. If they choose not to use barriers, evidence of testing is required. If a couple are fluid-bonded or monogamous then they are free to not use barriers.

Why are there so many interviews?

Ethical, feminist porn aims to take some of the negativity and objectification out of porn. Interviews with our performers are a great way to personalize them and thus enhance their scene. It’s much sexier to see someone fuck when you know something about them! Also, we really respect our performers and they’re interesting people so we think you should find out more about them.

Why are there multiple versions of the same scene?

In creating Bright Desire, I asked people how long their ideal porn scene went for. Some said 15 minutes, some said 10, some said 30. I myself like things to be short and sweet. I decided to offer different-length versions of scenes so that you can make a choice – if you want a quickie, it’s there. If you want to see the entire thing in real time from start to finish, you can do that too. Not all scenes have extended versions and there are also the “short film” versions. Ultimately the aim is to offer a variety of options and choice.