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Hi there

It seems you’re having difficulty logging in to the member’s area. First, let me reassure you that this can and will be solved easily.

Bright Desire has security software looking after the login form. This software prevents password sharing, piracy and other nefarious things. If you input your username or password incorrectly it will give you an error: remember, these are cAsE SeNsitiVe.

If you are using a touch device especially an iPhone, be aware that it may automatically capitalize the first letter of your username and password. This may have happened when you first signed up.

We’ve also noticed that the ‘@’ symbol may cause problems. If you have used your email address as a username this could be the issue.

And if you attempt to login too many times it will lock your IP temporarily. You can either wait for it to automatically unlock or ask for it to be unlocked. That’s what this contact form is for. I need your username to do this.

Your username and password will be listed in the original signup email you received from CCBill. If you can’t remember your details, please look up your original subscription email. Or contact CCBill directly and look up your credentials.

Also, if you’ve made an error on your username, it helps me to have your full name so I can look it up in the CCBill admin.

Be aware, I’m Australian and operate on Australian Eastern Standard Time so if there’s a delay, I may be asleep.

If you don’t receive any reply, check your spam folder.

So… here’s the contact form:

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    If you think you’ve ended up here in error, please head back to the member’s login page. Thanks.



    Privacy note:

    We value your privacy.
    Your contact details will only be used to assist in password retrieval / unlocking. We may access your details stored on the secure CCBill system to assist with this. We may also store email conversations to assist with this process. 
    Username and password info is only provided to the registered email address listed with CCBill.
    Your email or contact details will not be added to any email / spam list, your data from this form and from these interactions will not be shared with third parties. Information entered into the contact form is not stored by the contact form software.
    The password security software does not record or store personal information.
    For further info on your privacy please refer to our privacy policy and the CCBill privacy documentation.