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31 May 2024: Guest Director Video: Adorn

We’re thrilled to offer another film by our friend Jennifer Lyon Bell as part of our guest director series. Adorn is such a beautifully playful film that doesn’t shy away from being seriously hot. The connection between these two performers is intense. Incidentally, Parker and Sadie also appear in some of our films here at Bright Desire.

The descriptions: An experimental erotic game. A man and a woman face each other naked; by the end they are mostly clothed and utterly exhausted. What happens in between is unique and completely improvised by the performers themselves. Restrained by the rules of their game, there is laughing, teasing, fighting, fucking, fingering, kissing. A love scene in reverse.

24 May 2024: Under The Bed Video: Ivy’s Sensual Massage

Ivy's sensual massage - a woman is massaged and the man's hand is stroking her ass and pussy

17 May 2024: Retro Under The Bed Photos: Lavender Lovin’

10 May 2024: Exclusive Erotic Fiction: Delicate Petals

He moved the rose lower, across her smooth stomach and then down each thigh, stroking them gently. She could feel her pussy throbbing in anticipation, and yet she didn’t want him to stop.

An unashamedly romantic erotic story.

3 May 2024: Guest Director Video: Ouroboros

We’re so pleased to feature this gorgeous film by Dwam as part of our guest director series. Yes, it’s another threesome. What can we say, we’re in a bit of a mood for group sex scenes lately.

“As the alchemical ouroboros serpent eating its own tail, the integration and assimilation of the opposites, the beginning and the end, an eternal circle of pleasure. Three persons of different genders, a triangular reciprocality of sexual push and pull, rough and tender threesome, fighting, playing, switching.”

26 April 2024: Under The Bed Video: Danaya and Tony: Erotic Bath

Danaya moans as Tony licks her clit while they share a romantic bath

19 April 2024: Exclusive Erotic Fiction: Meeting His Wife

Meeting His Wife - an erotic story of a threesome with a married man

He pushed me back onto the bed, licking and kissing my nipples, and then his hot tongue was on my cunt, moving quickly across my folds and flicking against my clit as I moaned.

I opened my eyes and saw his wife then, standing in the doorway, watching us. She was naked…

14 April 2024: Fun Video: Cake and Cunnilingus Day

14 April 2024: Free Post: Our Best Cunnilingus Scenes For Cake and Cunnilingus Day

10 April 2024: Column: Why We Need Cake and Cunnilingus Day More Than Ever

A study published in the Journal of Sex Research shows that young people feel less willing to engage in cunnilingus than fellatio. Meanwhile, women orgasm far less often than men in straight relationships. We need Cake and Cunnilingus Day because the oral sex playing field is still so uneven…

5 April 2024: Guest Director Video: 2Bang: Serafina Sky

We’re happy to feature another guest director film from our friends at gangbang-focused studio Hardwerk. “2Bang: Serafina Sky” is part of their 2Bang threesome series. It cheerfully plays with a 70s, German aesthetic and features Serafina, Noir and Roman getting it on in the great outdoors. After they move into the garden and inside for lots of oral and fucking in many combinations.

29 March 2024: Exclusive Erotic Fiction: Lick Me

She made an impressive entrance and found him, just as she’d expected. Naked, with a collar and chain around his neck, kneeling before her Chair. He’d lit candles, just as she’d instructed, and put on her favourite music, and the Chair looked as sensuously comfortable as it should. He looked at her with desire and need apparent in his face, his cock erect and straining against the harness that held it.

He stood and offered her the end of the chain which she took silently, and led him over to the Chair, making him kneel once again. Then she settled herself among the cushions, opening her legs and placing one of each of the large armrests so that her dripping, glistening cunt was open to him. He drank in the sight like a thirsty man, and waited for her signal.

“Lick me,” she said.

22 March 2024: Under The Bed Video: Striptease

15 March 2024: Under The Bed Photos: Another Bi Threesome

8 March 2024: Exclusive Erotic Fiction: Birthday Girl

There I was, entering the last year of my twenties, feeling horribly alone and unsure of what the future held, not to mention desperately in need of a sympathy screw. Meanwhile, my saved luxury birthday money was burning a hole in my pocket.

Thus, the male escort.

The idea came to me as I was idly (and miserably) scanning the singles pages in the newspaper. The sedate ad for male escorts caught my eye, its italic text inviting and secretive. Discrete, caring… talented. At first I dismissed the idea as preposterous, but then I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Why not? I thought.

Why not hire a good looking man to be nice to me? To pamper me, and fuck me hard, like I needed? What was wrong with treating myself to a little outrageous luxury, when everything else had gone so pear-shaped? And it was going to be my birthday, after all…

1 March 2024: Under The Bed Video: The Novelist: The End

He goes down on her on the bed, beautiful view out the window

Richard finally finishes his novel after an all nighter but he has lots of energy left to go down on and make love to his girlfriend.

23 February 2024: Under The Bed Video: Bi MMF Threesome

MMF bi threesome, he licks while the other guy fucks her

16 February 2024: Under The Bed Photos: Morning Fun

14 February 2024: Column: Valentine’s Day

I can't believe how much I'm not sick of you

Can I just say how utterly divorced from real love this whole scenario is? Love doesn’t require you to keep score or spend money or demand affection. That’s ownership, not romance, and if you’re conducting Valentines Day in that way, you need to rethink what’s happening.

9 February 2024: Exclusive Erotic Fiction: Valentine’s Day

He pushed her back on the couch and pushed her legs open, taking a moment to admire her pussy. He kissed her mound lovingly, and then pushed his wet, soft tongue between her folds, finding her clit and licking it with practiced ease.

She writhed in pleasure, whimpering as he tongued her to the very edge of an orgasm, her breath coming in short gasps. Suddenly he stopped, grinning.

Bob shifted position, moving over her and gliding his hardness into her wet, waiting cunt.

2 February 2024: Guest Director Video: My Best Friend’s Butt

We’re pleased to offer another film from UK company Joybear as part of our guest director series. I decided to feature this one because it’s an anal scene that focuses on female pleasure. There’s lots of clit stimulation, lube and generally making sure that Edie is ready to properly enjoy the fun butt stuff. The performers here are very into each other and clearly having a great time. Plus there’s the bonus voyeur aspect as well.

The blurb: Jolene’s (Jasko Fide) polyamorous best friend Edie (Evie Rees) has two partners and when she is with Fred (Billy King), it is all about anal. He simply can’t keep his hands off Edie’s butt! Edie runs a bath for them both and invites Jolene and her partner Nico (Marcus Quillan) to watch them as Fred lathers up Evie from behind. He quickly moves to her pussy and these exhibitionists put on quite a show, with Edie’s tight ass taking center stage.

26 January 2024: Under The Bed Video: The Bean Bag Shag

Bean Bag oral sex for women

19 January 2024: Under The Bed Video: Elegance: Garden Lust

Elegance: Garden Lust

17 January 2024: Under The Bed Photos: Maggie’s Massage

12 January 2024: Exclusive Erotic Fiction: Bad Guy


I’d never been one for role play. This one had just sort of… happened. We’d been watching that Antonio Banderas Zorro movie and I’d absent-mindedly revealed a long-held fantasy involving kidnap, ropes and a black-clad villain with a sexy voice who secretly loved me.

Well, you know how it is…

And that was when Mark had surprised me with his superbly erotic bad guy voice, deep and resonant. “You know you want this thing,” my evil lover said before using his nasty, bad guy tongue to circle my nipple. “You cannot resist me.”

Then he slid a single finger up and down the crack of my cunt and covered my mouth with his. I half-struggled but couldn’t help but eagerly return his kiss, giving in to his sultry, ne’er-do-well charms…

(Pic: Adrian Escudero como el Zorro by Larafilms, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0)

5 January 2024: Guest Director Video: Air

We’re pleased to offer another amazing film by Urvashi of Spark Erotic.

While defying gravity, these two could no longer defy their attraction. Two trapeze performers meet and get it on in this beautifully shot and very acrobatic erotic film.

3 January 2024: Under The Bed Photos: Handyman Visit

29 December 2023: Under The Bed Video: Elegance: Kitchen Fuck

22 December 2023: Under The Bed Video: Full Service Massage

15 December 2023: Under The Bed Photos: Under The Mistletoe

13 December 2023: Under The Bed Photos: Christmas Threesome

8 December 2023: exclusive Erotic Fiction: Unwrap Me

“Relax and enjoy. I’m the best Christmas present you ever had.”

He moved in and kissed her, softly at first, and then with a growing eagerness. She cupped his face in her hands and responded with passion.

He unbuttoned her blouse and removed it before unzipping her pants and helping her to step out of them. Slowly he moved his lips across her body, kissing her flesh and leaving a trail of goosebumps like butterflies in his wake.

1 December 2023: Guest Director Video: Parallel-O-gasm

We’re pleased to feature another film by our friend Marcus Quillan of Thousand Faces films. This one is great because it takes POV and does it right.

The blurb: This holiday, forget ‘his & hers’, why not enjoy the best of both simultaneously? We thought: why not double the POV, make it a mutual Christmas present, & create Parallel Orgasm Vision?

24 November 2023: Under The Bed Video: The Novelist: Fucking Close to Water

17 November 2023: Under The Bed Photos: Tara and Jake

10 November 2023: Erotic Fiction: The Game

Would you like to play a game? I shivered, grinning harder still. David’s games were the perfect appetizer – succulent, and leaving me hungry for more. I answered:

Yes, please. I knew he’d like the politeness, that it would trigger the memory of my head poised over his cock before receiving permission to take it into my mouth. A different yes, please to be sure, but not unrelated.

3 November 2023: Guest Director Video: Tantric Mornings

We’re pleased to welcome back Forplay Films’ Inka Winter as our guest director.

Starting with a tantric meditation to focus on being present and experiencing sensation more deeply, a couple explores each other gently and with deliberation. This is a delightful, slow and sensual erotic film.

27 October 2023: Under The Bed Video: Elegance: Threesome

Elegance: Threesome. Costume fun with two girls and a guy having sex

20 October 2023: Under The Bed Photos: Wicker Bed Oral

Woman receives good cunnilingus

13 October 2023: Exclusive Erotic Fiction: Pegged By The Devil

Amanda put the little horns on her head and admired herself in the mirror. Her fire-engine red devil costume hugged her curves gloriously and set off her lustrous, long blonde hair. She couldn’t hold back her smile as she picked up the strap-on pleasure enhancer…

From the bedside draw she took lubricant, and was soon smearing it all over his ass, sliding her finger up and down the crack of his butt. “You’re going to need this,” she said, “because I’m going to fuck you hard today.”

6 October 2023: Exclusive Video: The Fantasy Project: Bloopers

A collection of funny moments, mistakes and behind-the-scenes footage from our feature film The Fantasy Project.

6 October 2023: Under The Bed Video: Afternoon Delight

Anjelika and Tom, afternoon delight. Couple kissing on a bed, porn for women
Anjelika and Tom, afternoon delight. Couple kissing on a bed, porn for women

29 September 2023: Under The Bed Photos: Sex in the Pool

22 September 2023: Under The Bed Video: Mountain High

Mountain High - sex on an icebox by a fire at a campsite

15 September 2023: Under The Bed Photos: Cashmere and Sylvio

8 September 2023: Erotic Fiction: Tweetup by Ms. Naughty

This man, this stranger, wanted to fuck me and I couldn’t wait to return the favour.

The doors opened on an empty lift and we casually walked in. Scott pressed the button for floor 12. It seemed to take forever for the doors to glide shut but the moment they closed he was kissing me, his hands cupping my cheeks, his lips surprisingly soft. He tasted of beer and lust and I felt his cock pressing against me through his jeans, eager and urgent.

6 September 2023: Under The Bed Photos: Alysin and Mark

1 September 2023: Exclusive Video: Madison and Ryan: Extended Scene

25 August 2023: Under The Bed Video: Glamour Pool Sex

16 August 2023: Under The Bed Photos: Serena and Fabian Kiss and Make Up

11 August 2023: Exclusive Audio Erotic Fiction: Sanguine

I think of wrapping my blood-tipped fingers around your swelling cock, claiming it for my own. I think about how I will bring my blood-red lips to the very tip of your phallus, my tongue darting out briefly, before I swallow you whole, my lips opening around the hot shaft. I imagine the way it will make you shift in your seat.

And I shift in mine.

4 August 2023: Guest Director Video: Tinder Date

Our latest guest director film is another gorgeous movie by French director Anoushka. And it stars one of our fave performers, Parker Marx.

On a summer afternoon in Berlin, Jessica prepares to meet her Tinder date while her roommate, in love with Jessica, is thinking of sharing an intense moment with her. She thinks back to pleasant moments with her and decides to explore her room, but at the same time Jessica returns home with her date.

28 July 2023: Under The Bed Video: Scandalous

Beautifully shot sex scene from Scandalous, nice lighting, couples porn

26 July 2023: Under The Bed Photos: Can’t Help But Smile

Woman smiles during sex, people of colour having sex

14 July 2023: Exclusive Audio Porn / Audio Erotica: Come To My Senses

I can smell my own cunt now, awash with the smell of wanting. You glide your fingertip up and down before focusing on my clit, teasing with small, slow strokes, I lean forward, wanting more.

7 July 2023: Guest Director Film: Tryptichon

We’re pleased to feature another amazing gangbang film from our friends at Hardwerk. This company focuses only on gangbang films- but it’s not like the usual mainstream porn featuring group sex. These films are cinematic, they’re diverse, they’re pansexual and they are focused on equal pleasure.

“Somewhere between a hallowed altarpiece and the orgiastic frenzy of The Garden of Earthly Delights, the first film of HardWerk’s ‘Triptychon’ series pays homage to the classical triptych format with an entirely new perspective on the gang bang. With the screen split into three parts, allowing multiple perspectives in time as well as space, a new type of sensual storytelling is born with no detail missed and no moment overlooked.”

NOTE: Due to licensing guest director videos are only available for a limited time.

Highlights From Previous Updates That Aren’t On the Main Tour:

Exclusive video: Shelly and Richard

In their first ever porn scene, real-life couple Shelly and Richard share their intimate lives with us. In part 1, they kiss, enjoy a small amount of oral sex and then fuck in missionary position and Shelly gets on top.

Exclusive Video: The Fantasy Project: The Threesome Fantasy Part 2

More MMF threesome goodness including the “lost” male orgasms that were never seen in the original film.

Exclusive Video: Lucie Bee Cosplay

A bonus video with Lucie performing in her various costumes

Exclusive Video: Lucie Bee Solo

Exclusive Video: Latte Angel and Brendan

Real-life couple Latte Angel and Badboy Brendan share their love of sex in this beautiful and artistic scene.

Exclusive video: Bloopers and Behind The Scenes

Porn has its share of awkward and funny moments and once again we’ve compiled a bunch of never-before-seen footage from our various porn shoots throughout the year.

Exclusive Video: Another Dear Jiz

Five years after filming the award-winning short film Dear Jiz, Ms. Naughty offers her own letter of gratitude to genderqueer porn star Jiz Lee. Featuring unseen and behind-the-scenes footage, this is a very personal film that pays tribute to Jiz and their ongoing advocacy and friendship.

Exclusive short film: Yes! Yes! Yes!

A fun montage of performers on the edge of, or having, orgasms, united by that magic word: YES.

Video: What Is Feminist Porn

A mini documentary about feminist porn: what it is, who is making it and why it’s important.

Exclusive video: 69

Exclusive short film: Lura Aria

A mouth around a cock can be a religious experience. Lura Aria is a short compilation film celebrating fellatio and male pleasure.

Exclusive video: The Shortest Distance

“Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.” – Victor Borge.
This is a short film celebrating laughter during sex. Because porn doesn’t show enough smiling!

Exclusive Short Film: Photoplay: Festival Edit

Exclusive video: The Kiss

Exclusive Short Film: Kaleidogasm 5

The latest in my surreal short film series that manipulates images of sex to create weird fleshly landscapes.

Exclusive video: The Tongues Of Angels

The “tongues of angels” is a Biblical reference to a “heavenly language” in Corinthians At Bright Desire, we think that cunnilingus can be a celestial, wonderful thing. This video is thus a compilation of beautiful, heavenly, pussy-licking moments.

Exclusive video: The Tongues Of Angels 2

Another ethereal compilation of glorious cunnilingus imagery.

Exclusive Video: Jiz Lee and Bishop Black – The Crush Continued

In 2016, Jiz Lee and Bishop Black performed together for the first time for Bright Desire. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Here is some further footage from their extended scene. Bishop fists Jiz until they come several more times. They both also laugh a lot.

Exclusive Video: Jiz Lee and Bishop Black – Behind The Scenes and Bloopers

Licking, massage, practical jokes and lots of giggling.

Exclusive photo set: Jiz Lee and Bishop Black

More gorgeous sexy bits and BTS photos from Jiz and Bishop’s scene.

Experimental Video: Bacchanalia 2

An experimental film by Ms Naughty compiling existing orgy footage with a her own creative commons music to create a dreamlike group sex scenario. Bacchanalia 2 invokes fantasy and mystery, with a dash of the orgy from Conan the Barbarian.

Remember: Bright Desire’s content archive stretches back to 2012 so there’s HEAPS more content in the member’s area.

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