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As well as erotic fiction, Bright Desire features a selection of columns, commentary and reviews, all discussing issues relating to sex, porn, relationships and life in general. Not only is this a great way to entertain yourself and engage your brain, it means you can say you only read it for the articles.

A sample:

I learned a lot reading this essay about cunts, like how “flapdoodle” is a euphemism that dates to 1683 and that “vulva” isn’t such a great term because it origins still focused on the womb. It talks about GropeCunt Lanes, which were historically places of sex work and it also lets me know that “quaint” is not as quaint as you’d think – it’s another euphemism for cunt…

When I’d entered the realms of porn, I came to properly appreciate “cunt” as a feminist, erotic descriptor. Nothing else did as good a job of describing female genitals. Cunt is both sexy and linguistically glorious and I use it all the time in my writing. There’s something totally carnal about it; it avoids the flowery language of romance novels and lays bare the basic reality of female sexuality.

– The Impressive History of Cunt by Ms. Naughty

There’s a selection of erotic film and sex toy reviews.

A sample:

Having de-boxed it I thought I’d press some buttons and see what it did. The vibe happily cycled through it’s various patterns and I managed to amp up the power of the six motors so it was revving full blast. Despite the claims that the Pokemon vibe was “whisper quiet”, it sounded a lot like a highly sexualized juicer going the growl on a bagful of oranges, albeit on a low setting.

– “Vibe review slash comedy of errors”

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Image credit: Letter from an erotic alphabet by Joseph Apoux (1846-1910) published ca. 1880. Via Wikimedia Commons