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Here’s some reviews of Bright Desire from users, bloggers and major porn review sites.

“Introducing the newest indie porn for women (and men, and couples) website, Bright Desire. With a pro-porn, feminist webmistress from Australia, Bright Desire is a refreshing entry into our porn galaxy. The site has an uncluttered and tasteful aesthetic, with a start featuring adult film favorites (such as Adrianna Nicole and new Australian adult performer Viola Turtle Dove) and amateurs alike.”

– Violet Blue, journalist, blogger and tech expert (full post is here)

“A unique and entertaining HD niche collection that just leaves me wanting more.

“Bright Desire does a solid job at fulfilling a very important niche. I’ve seen some alt sites that cross gender lines, but few with more mainstream models. It’s definitely a unique collection. Content quality is solid and I also enjoyed the overall personality of the site. The price is great and this is a very entertaining site. This is one I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on in the future!”

–  Maggie, The Best Porn (Full review is here. Note: the review contains a number of factual errors re updates)

“Unlike many sites that claim to have a feminist slant on porn, this isn’t about being pro-misandry or anti-establishment. It is certainly different than what comes out of Porno Valley and other adult industry Meccas (and rightfully proud of it), but only because it wants to offer a touch of art, some realism in its sex and be less misogynistic than the mainstream porn scene…

“[It’s] trying to appeal to everyone without forcing people into camps. It’s okay to love hardcore, softcore and art – you don’t have to choose one over the other… [Ms Naughty’s] vision makes Bright Desire quite a unique porn experience that is worth checking out.”

– Rabbits Reviews (Full review is here. Note: the review contains a number of factual errors re the site)

The more time I’ve spent with, Bright Desire, the more I’ve come to realize, the woman behind the scenes of this site could make a cement block look sensual, she is that good!… Bright Desire was like a breath of fresh air, bring similarities that rang loudly with differences.

– Porn Inspector (full review here)

Bright Desire sets out to create a different sort of porn, one with real passion and without cliches. Some call it couple’s porn but this site really offers more than that. A range of sexual experiences, artistic and sensual movies, and columns and interviews that can get quite intellectual.

– Adult Site Reviews (full review here)

Bright Desire offers a different idea of what hardcore porn could be. The quality is great and the scenes are passionate and real in a way most of the porn out there isn’t. If you’re looking for something different, this is a good site to try.

– Porn Reviews (full review here)

“Call it queer, call it ethical, call it feminist, call it “post porn” — clearly, porn consumers are asking for something different from mainstream fare, yet also not soft focus, not necessarily traditionally plot-driven, and (critically, in my opinion) not simply standard, mainstream porn packaged as “for couples.” (Might I also add that it thrilled me to see “quality erotic fiction” listed on the welcome page?)… Sounds awesome to me. And honestly, it is. There is a real diversity here that offers a little bit of everything, but it all feels fresh….

“From the looks of it the site is going to be really exciting and dynamic. I’m excited to see where it goes. Recommended.”

– The Gore Gore Girl (full review here)

“Bright Desire is the new porn website from Ms. Naughty, and it is ticking a lot of boxes for me… The unique content for this site is pretty great and shows a lot of promise. A good serving of real couples, real spaces and real pleasure…. I love the laughter tag, especially, because seeing people laughing and joking around in scenes is utterly endearing and void of pretension… I’m very enthusiastic about more ethical and feminist pornography pushing its way into the world, and totally recommend that you check out”

– Lobster E. Claw at Harlot Overdrive (full review here)

Overall I’d have to give Bright Desire a 9 out of 10, it is classy sexy porn that caters to open minded folks, it is well made, works great on a mobile phone too, is easy to navigate, and the content turned me on.

– Eric Magni, erotica author (full review here)
User Reviews

“I found Bright Desire to be very unique. The layout is interesting, easy to navigate, and visually appealing. The type of pornography is unique too, with a slant on more emotive, fun and enjoyable sex. I felt it was a lot more voyeuristic than normal porn, because the people are a lot more real* with laughing, smiles and eye contact. I love the articles, stories and columns, they are definitely worth a read. It’s educating as well as stimulating, great site.” – Wenchy

“Bright Desire is an absolute smorgasboard of sexiness. Movies, behind-the-scenes, sexy stories and short films, Bright Desire has everything you could want out of a porn site, along with honest and intelligent reviews. Bright Desire will arouse your body and mind, and is a great example of the way that porn can be sensual, sexy, welcoming and totally woman-friendly when it sets its mind to it. The actors in the scenes and photos seem to be genuinely having fun with each other, which is a refreshing change from more mainstream porn, and the women are always active and enthusiastic participants, rather than passive an uninterested objects. And the guys are hot and lovely to look at, too! The erotic fiction is sexy and well written, and the reviews of adult films and books show that Bright Desire has a very firm grasp on what its readers like. The site is nice to look at and very easy to navigate, without any of the offputting luridness of a lot of porn sites. Too often sexual media seems to struggle over whether it wants to be ‘sensual’ or pornographic. Bright Desire manages both, at the same time, and members are all the better off for it.” – Aimee

“After joining the site I knew for sure (for once in my life) that there was something behind my attractions to other women. I finally had access to authentic and arousing pornography. The Queer aspects of the site are fantastic and eye-opening. I also loved the scene with two men, as I was curious as to how two men had sex with one another. As a naturally curious person who wants to know and understand how everyone has sex, I loved discovering and subscribing to Bright Desire.” – KF

“I enjoy the straight couples scenes on Bright Desire because it’s realistic, explicit, doesn’t ‘dumb down’ sex and doesn’t put down women.” – H.

“I loved it. Thanks!” – James

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