The Thought Of Her Short Film

Length: 3:39min
Shot in HD
Directed by: Ms. Naughty (previously known as Louise Lush)

A journey into one man’s erotic imagination. A celebration of the male body from a female perspective.

A man indulges in a few moments of solo pleasure. As he strokes his cock, we hear his inner monologue. We share his thoughts about a woman, the images he conjures and the longing he feels.

The pleasure builds to a crescendo and we witness his orgasm, just as he pictures hers.

The thought of her is what drives him to seek this pleasure.

Adam pleasures himself, accompanied by an erotic voiceover.

A longer version of it appears on “The Thought Of Her” DVD which was nominated for a 2012 Feminist Porn Award. You’ll also find the extended version of Adam’s scene inside the member’s area.

Festival Screenings

Berlin Porn Film Festival 2011
Berlin Porn Film Festival 2012 (Long DVD version)
Cinekink New York 2013  (Long DVD version) 


You can see the full short film inside the member’s area of Bright Desire.

Plus director’s commentary, an interview with Adam and more screenshots and photos.

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Sample Screenshots


You can see the full scene inside the member’s area of Bright Desire.

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