Writers and Contributors

Bright Desire is looking to feature the written, photographic and audio-visual work of like-minded people. I want to showcase high quality erotic fiction, beautiful amateur photography and erotic filmmaking that is positive, female-friendly, innovative and different.


EDIT 26TH JUNE 2019 Bright Desire is not taking submissions right now. This may change in the future but for now, subs are on hiatus. Thanks.

I am looking for high quality erotic fiction or flash fiction to feature once a month. Stories can cover any topic, however it must be erotic in nature, relatively explicit and sex positive.

I’m looking for stories that are more than just a sex scene. Blow-by-blow accounts of sex are boring. I want to see stories with interesting scenarios and fascinating characters; stories that explore the issues and emotions surrounding sex. Remember that dialogue and buildup can be just as erotic as the actual sex.

I’m also keen on stories that don’t fall into standard porn categories. If you’re writing about “MILFS”, “cougars”, “teens”, “DD breasts” or that kind of thing, or your story aims to reproduce mainstream porn scenarios or language, please don’t submit it to Bright Desire.

When it comes to flash fiction, I want succinct, erotic pieces that successfully get an idea across in a small number of words. Cleverness is encouraged, as are twists and out-and-out dirty hotness. Again, blow-by-blow accounts of sex aren’t encouraged, unless there’s an interesting central theme to justify it.

Erotic Stories should be a maximum of 2000 words in length.
Flash fiction stories should be a minimum of 300 and a maximum of 500 words in length.


US$15 per Flash Fiction piece
US$25 per Erotic Fiction piece

Payment will be made electronically, so you must have an appropriate account the best known online payment system (who I won’t mention here due to their punitive methods of dealing with adult sites). If you cannot be paid this way, i cannot publish your work.


If you’re a keen amateur model who is comfortable with sharing your sexuality on the internet… let’s work together. I’m interested in photos or video that are artistic or different in some way, something other than your usual badly lit porn. If you have a short film that you think would suit Bright Desire, let me know.

I am mainly interested in non-exclusive licenses. This means that you keep all rights to your work and I just license you to use the work on Bright Desire for a period of time.

Contact me with samples of your work or a link to it. If it looks like it will suit BD we can then talk about licensing and payment.


Email submissions and proposals to subs AT brightdesire.com


I prefer .doc or .txt attachments with no html formatting, but will also accept submissions in the body of the email.  If I can’t read your submission, it will go in the trash.

I accept stories with standard formatting however I prefer documents to be single spaced and without indents or tabs, each paragraph appearing as a separate block of text. This helps with online formatting.

Subject heading should be “Bright Desire Submission.” Writers should state what type of story they are submitting and must include the author declaration (see below) in the body of the submission email.

You will be contacted by the editor if your story is selected for publication. Turnaround time is approximately 4 weeks and rejection emails will not be sent. However If you haven’t heard from me after that time, feel free to submit elsewhere.

Payment is made upon publication although I may from occasionally pay for a piece some time ahead of it appearing at BD.

Please note: Your submission will be published within the members area of Bright Desire and will only be accessable to paying members. Small excerpts, however, may appear on our Tumblr blog and our updates page on the tour. No more than a paragraph will be used.

Submitted items must be in English, original and previously unpublished.

Submitted items should use correct spelling, punctuation and grammar. Poor quality or unedited work will not be considered. Writers who are unable to follow the guidelines will also not be considered.

Writers must be aged 18 years or over as at January 1, 2016.

Bright Desire will retain exclusive electronic rights to the work for six months and non-exclusive rights indefinitely.

Very small extracts from published work may appear on the Bright Desire Tumblr blog and RSS feeds.

Bright Desire reserves the right to edit submitted stories if necessary. You may use a pseudonym if you wish.

I will not accept stories that feature any of the following themes or acts: non-consensual sex, bestiality, underage sex, incest, ass to mouth, violent or abusive sex, or anything where women are treated without respect (although consensual BDSM scenes are fine).

The author agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Baeronaut, its officers and assigns from and against any and all claims, suits, damages, and liabilities (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) which are based on any claim of copyright infringement, plagiarism or unauthorized use.

I hereby declare that I am the original author of this article and that it has not been previously published in any form. I own the copyright to the work. I am over 18.