Gala Vanting

Gala Vanting is an Australian sex worker, activist, filmmaker and erotic performer.

Bio: “My work in the sexuality field has spanned 15 years and multiple disciplines. My areas of interest and expertise tend towards alternative sexual cultures, including sex work, BDSM, feminist and queer pornography, sex education and consent culture. I am a sex worker, and have worked as a performer and producer of erotic media and a BDSM service provider. I write, speak, and make art about sexuality. I am an advocate for the rights of sex workers and queer folk, and I am working to decolonize the ways that manifests.”

Gala appears in the short film / solo voiceover scene “Transported”, filmed in her beloved VW Kombi van.




"There's nothing more liberating than being able to create a space for myself... and to revel in sensation." Gala Vanting is transpo...

Gala And Li

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