Interviews With Our Porn Performers

Bright Desire features post-scene interviews with all the performers. They talk about their work in porn, their hobbies, their relationships and their views on a number of sexual issues. They also talk about how the scene itself went and how they felt about filming it.

We’ve also shot a couple of pre-scene interviews at the request of performers. In these, they discuss their plans for the scene and often negotiate boundaries and consent.

Interviews are a great way to get to know the performers and to personalize them beyond their scenes. It’s important that our performers are respected and presented as the amazing people they are. Bright Desire also offers interviews as part of its ethical porn creation process. Interviews create transparency, depict consent and let you the audience know that the performers are on board with the creation of the scene they’re in.

No-one is coerced into doing interviews at Bright Desire and they can answer questions any way they wish. Negative comments aren’t edited out.

In the video above you’ll see examples from some of the performer interviews. There’s almost 70 of them in the member’s area.

You can see all the interviews inside the member’s area of Bright Desire

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