Guest Directors

On top of 90+ short films and erotic scenes by Ms. Naughty, Bright Desire features the work of new and established adult film directors. Most of these directors identify as feminist porn creators and their work has screened at festivals or received awards. For newer directors, we’re glad to help promote their promising work.

All films by guest directors are curated to suit the audience of Bright Desire. These films cover a broad range of topics and genres. They are all explicit, sexy and explore interesting ideas or relationships.

Some of the guest directors featured at BD include:

Jennifer Lyon Bell
Thousand Faces
Michelle Flynn
Liandra Dahl
Morgana Muses
Anna Brownfield
Max Disgrace
Sarah Kershaw
Meow Meow Films
Kim Cums
Kali Sudhra
Melinah Viking
Vesperal Films
Lina Bembe

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Recently featured:

Hungarian Tango by Pina Brutal

Vivante (feature film) by Anoushka

Green by Nat Portnoy

Guest director films are licensed and may have a limited time at Bright Desire.
The films featured in the preview videos above may have a limited time at Bright Desire due to licensing terms. Join now before they’re gone!

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Image credit: Universal Minute 16 by John Kratz via Wikimedia Commons