Sex memes can be hit and miss. I’ve seen an awful lot that are in bad taste, or horribly sexist, or just not very funny. I’ve gathered up some good sex memes that are female-friendly, celebrate female pleasure or else they’re just funny as-is.

Here’s some fun sex memes to make you smile.

"He was eating my pussy from behind and his nose accidentally touched my butt hole so I clenched my cheeks and said "got your nose". Haven't heard from him since."
"Dick riding tip #1: Spell Coconut with your waist." 
Billy Ray Cyrus replies: "Instructions unclear, dick stuck in coconut". Funny sex meme
Billy Ray Cyrus replied, back when blue ticks were verified
"It takes a certain kind of person to see a penis in a ray of sunlight. It's me, I'm that person"
When the Wordle writer is horny: it spells COME, LOVE, HOLE
"Let's help the poor raccoon find his prosthesis" - shows a raccoon tail butt plug.

Bright Desire Memes is a relatively SFW Twitter account with a bunch of fun sex memes to enjoy.