Here’s a preview of our latest guest director video: Hungarian Tango

This month’s guest director film at Bright Desire is Hungarian Tango, by Berlin-based filmmaker and performer Pina Brutal. This short film is by turns hilarious and erotic as Pina and partner Theo Meow enter a mysterious Hungarian building and proceed to tango, undressing as they go. Pina mixes in laugh-out-loud moments with deliberately provocative religious imagery, all in celebration of cunnilingus. Things take a surreal turn towards the end of the film with an animated sequence that is sumptuous and also very strange.

The official description is:

“A couple goes on a journey in a small Hungarian home. What starts out as an erotic scenario soon turns into a trip into the Heart of the Cosmos. Lick, lick otherwise we are lost!”

We love this short film because it’s so unusual. The film is able to embrace the absurdity of sex while still being very sexy. You’ll find yourself laughing and also feeling turned on. And the last sequence is just stunning.

Pina Brutal has directed several short films and features including The Secret Love Life of the Urban Leopard and the horror film Seven Levels Deep. You can find a podcast / video interview with Pina here.

Hungarian Tango will be available at Bright Desire for the next six months.

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