Since You Asked So Nicely

Length: 1:04:16 min (Short film 12:45)
Shot in HD
Directed by: Ms. Naughty

Friends and fuck buddies Pandora Blake and Parker Marx meet unexpectedly in Berlin and head back to her flat for tea and cake. The sexual tension between them rises and soon they’re getting it on – but this isn’t your usual straight porn scene.

As you can see in the preview vid, there’s spanking, rimming, anal play with butt plugs, pegging, breast play, cunnilingus, fisting and a nice cup of tea.

This scene, shot in Berlin, was Parker Marx’s first porn scene and also Pandora’s first hardcore couples scene. The film refuses to follow your typical “straight” porn script. It has a certain focus on male pleasure but there’s no female penetration and no cumshot. Pandora’s orgasms are intense but they take a while. There’s male anal play and submission but there’s none of the usual BDSM props or language. There’s also a lot of laughter and discussion and guidance. In short, this scene totally queers straight sex and shows that pleasure can be attained in multiple ways, no matter how you identify.

It’s one of the longest porn scenes we’ve featured at Bright Desire. Pandora and Parker had such a good time we didn’t want to cut anything out.

Festival Screenings

Toronto International Porn Festival 2017
London Porn Film Festival 2017
Cinekink New York 2017
Berlin Porn Film Festival 2016


You can see the full scene inside the member’s area of Bright Desire.

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Sample Screenshots

You can see the full scene inside the member’s area of Bright Desire.

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