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Bright Desire features an amazing selection of audio erotica to arouse your mind and your senses. Inside you’ll find beautifully written and sensually read audio porn, created by humans.

Audio erotic fiction is a fantastic way to enjoy erotic content without putting limits on your imagination. With only a voice and a story to guide you, you can escape into fantasy and conjure up the sexy scenarios that suit you. Sometimes the visual aspects of porn can be distracting – the performers aren’t your type, or the set looks awful, or the way it’s filmed detracts from what’s happening. Audio erotica means you don’t have to care about any of that stuff. It’s a much freer way of enjoying erotic content.

The audio erotica on this site has been created by filmmaker Ms. Naughty and other erotic fiction authors. Many make use of the sexy voice of our friend Girl on the Net. Most stories have a focus on female pleasure and offer female perspectives, although this isn’t the case for all stories. Every story is meticulously written and edited; there’s no badly written stories here. Similarly, you’re not going to find anything written by AI. Our stories are proudly human-written and human-read.

Below are some sample snippets of the audio stories you’ll find inside the member’s area of Bright Desire.


Anticipation – Audio Erotica

"Well now. Don’t you look positively delectable like that? "You’re beautifully, vulnerably naked, your eyes dark pools in the candl...

Take Me – Audio Stories Porn

Take Me, an erotica audio story by Ms. Naughty. "Plunge your fingers hard into my hot cunt, grin when you feel the intense wetness,...

Facial – Erotic Audio

"We might be just your average married couple having a night away from the kids, but we’re playing 'mimic the porno' and it’s making...

Drip Dream – Sexy Audio Porn

"Drip; drip; drip. Is that the tap or is it the throbbing wetness in my cunt? "I picture the plumber arriving, knocking confidently...

Pulse – Audio Erotic Fiction

"I glance down to your crotch and realize your morning erection is stirring beneath the sheet..." Pulse is an audio erotic fiction p...

Your Tongue: Audio Erotica Story

"I think about how you will run your tongue along the inside of my thighs, slowly, as though I’m a glorious delicacy awaiting your c...

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