Extended Scenes

Many of the porn scenes and short films created for Bright Desire were filmed over several hours. The constraints of plot, timing and good editing often mean great footage is often left on the “cutting room floor”. Thankfully, the internet means we don’t have to limit ourselves to a certain running time. That’s why we’re able to offer a selection of extended porn scenes and bonus scenes on top of the existing short films and standard scenes.

The video above shows four examples from our extended porn scenes.

A few examples that you’ll find in the member’s area:

The Crush Continues. Jiz Lee and Bishop Black enjoyed such a lengthy sex session together that a special bonus scene was created.

The Fantasy Project – Threesome: Extended Edition. The MMF threesome scene in “The Fantasy Project” had to be cut down for time and plot reasons. The full extended version with ALL of the orgasms is in the member’s area.

Hand Jobs Extended Edition. Rob and Amity were so hot for each other they dived in again after the main scene was done. The extended edition shows this extra footage.

Trinity: Full Scene. “Trinity” is a great short film, but the MMF threesome scene itself lasted over an hour. The almost real-time version of “Trinity features so much more amazing footage, including the moment when Lina burst into tears of joy after an orgasm.

Hannah Solo. After filming the hot shower scenes for “Lather”, Hannah settled on the couch and masturbated in a second scene.

Scarlet Woman – Alternative Voiceover Version. “Scarlet Woman” is a short film that screened at numerous festivals. the Alternative Voiceover Version includes Morgana’s narration plus extra unseen footage.

Jade Solo. Danse Erotique features Jade performing burlesque mixed with erotic imagery. Jade’s full solo masturbation scene is a bonus extra in the member’s area.

There’s a lot more extras and extended scenes available in the member’s area of Bright Desire.

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