Documentaries and A Film Festival

Bright Desire also features a variety of short films, documentaries and bonus extras created by Ms. Naughty and other filmmakers.

The “Short Film” category includes all of Ms. Naughty’s existing short films that have shown at festivals. There’s also documentaries and video reports on a range of topics including the Berlin Film Festival, the Feminist Porn Awards, the PorYes awards, the Australian body art carnivale, burlesque performances at the Shine Awards and more. There’s also video extras like blooper reels, behind-the-scenes footage and bonus videos taken on set.

The “Film Festival” category includes amazing short films about sex from around the world. These are carefully curated and explore sex, sexuality, gender and eroticism.

On top of that, there are a selection of short compilation videos focusing on specific sex acts or good stuff e.g. 69, or laughter.

Please enjoy this short film as a sample.

Paddling The Pink Canoe

Length: 3:45 min
Shot in SD

Paddling The Pink Canoe is a playful look at the many euphemisms given to female masturbation.

Jilling off is still very taboo and this film has fun with the various phrases used to describe the act.

Festival Selections

Painted Lips and Lolly Licks Film Festival 2011
Paris Sexy International Film Festival 2010
Cinekink New York 2010
Melbourne Sexy International Film Festival 2009

You’ll find the full list of euphemisms depicted in this video in the member’s area.

 Gratified, Grateful

Length: 2:46 min
Shot in HD

Compilation video celebrating touch, pleasure and connection

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