Fist Of The Spider Woman

Length: 10:42 min
Shot in HD

On a cold, rainy night, a lone woman contemplates her lost love. As she stands by the neon-lit window, the rain falling outside, she imagines the ghost of her dead lover returning for one last night of passion. Her fantasy leads into self-pleasure as she envisions the fist of the Spider Woman slowly pushing deep inside her.

At the Feminist Porn Awards in 2013 we got together with queer porn icon Courtney Trouble to collaborate on this short film, another in my solo voiceover series. Courtney bases her solo scene around a short story she wrote. We filmed this at an iconic boutique hotel in Toronto.

This short film invokes the classic noir movies of the 30s, the melancholy mood heightened by the dramatic shadows and strong scarlet neon light.

Note: Courtney now uses non binary pronouns. I have retained the original description which was correct at the time of release (2013) as I feel it suits the fantasy depicted on screen.

Festival Selections

2013 Perv Film Festival Sydney
November 2013


You can see the the full scene in the Member’s Area at Bright Desire. Plus director’s commentary, screenshots and behind-the-scenes footage.


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You can see the full scene inside the member’s area of Bright Desire.

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