Length: 8:13 (Festival Version – Immersed)
Length: 9:22 (Explicit solo scene)
Shot in HD

“I dream a scenario. It takes me over. I am immersed, if only for a brief time.”

Bishop Black indulges in a dance of sensuality before lying back on the bare parquetry floor for a session of self-pleasure. The natural light plays across his perfectly sculpted body as he closes his eyes and immerses himself in the joy of his own body.

Shot at the Berlin Porn Film Festival in 2015, this sumptuous short film celebrates the intersection of art and sexuality, weaving dance and eroticism together.  This was the first time we worked with Bishop and were happy to take his lead as to what kind of scene he wanted to create.

Immersed: winner of Frame Award, PopPorn Brazil 2017

Winner: Frame Award (Artistic Film), Pop Porn Festival Brazil 2017

Festival Selections

Mix Mexico 2019
February 2019

Pop Porn Festival Brazil 2017
Frame Award (Artistic Film) – Immersed
June 2017

Toronto International Porn Festival 2017
April 2017

London Porn Film Festival 2017
April 2017

2016 Punk Feminist Porn Festival Copenhagen
October 2016


You can see the the short film plus an extended full scene in the Member’s Area at Bright Desire. Plus director’s commentary, screenshots and behind-the-scenes footage.


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You can see the full scene inside the member’s area of Bright Desire.

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