Jiz Lee

Nonbinary/genderqueer porn star Jiz Lee has worked in the adult film industry for over a decade, working in many kinds of erotic and explicit films. Besides working behind the scenes with Shine Louise Houston at Pink and White Productions, they are also the creator of Coming Out Like a Porn Star (which includes essays by Ms. Naughty and performers featured on Bright Desire). Working on both sides of the camera, as well as being a new member of the Porn Studies Journal Editorial Board has Jiz very busy.

When they are not immersed in everything p-o-r-n, they are busy training for triathlons.

At Bright Desire, Jiz appears in the award-winning films Dear Jiz and Yes Campaign. They also have a long scene with Bishop Black.


Photo credit: Alan Amato via Jiz’s site.



Extended Scenes

Bright Desire features many extended porn scenes which have extra footage from short films or bonus sex scenes shot on the day.