Solo Masturbation Videos With Voiceovers

The Solo Voiceover Series are a series of short films and videos that feature solo masturbation scenes accompanied by the performer’s own voiceover. The voiceover is usually an expression of a fantasy or desire. As we watch the performer pleasure themselves, we also hear them detail an erotic scenario or feeling. The voiceover gives each masturbation scene a heightened erotic feel; it enhances what we’re seeing and makes it even hotter.

Many of the erotic voiceovers were written by the performers themselves so what you’re hearing is a snippet of their own sexual fantasies. You’ll hear fantasies of being watched, of getting it on with someone famous, or of reaching out to an absent lover.

Not all of the voiceover series dealt with fantasy. Some performers suggested making their own personal commentary about an issue or idea that was important to them. Films like Immersed with Bishop Black Dear Jiz with Jiz Lee and An Open Letter with Zahra Stardust use this method and give us an interesting perspective that enhances our visual enjoyment of their scene.

At Bright Desire we celebrate masturbation. Self-love is vital to learning your own paths to pleasure and a great way to release stress, relax and simply enjoy yourself. Embracing it is part of our sex positive ethos. Our solo voiceover series of masturbation videos is a testament to the power of getting yourself off!

The Solo Voiceover Series - Sensual masturbation and sexual fantasy



Beautiful Hannah enjoys a shower, lathering up her body and stimulating herself. A slow-motion celebration of wet flesh and female p...

Fame Fantasy

Annabelle Lee is flicking through a gossip magazine. She encounters a photo of one of her favourite movie stars and that ignites a f...

Mon Chéri

Lily Rei stands by the window, admiring the view and daydreaming about the handsome man who worked behind the bar. Her fantasy expan...

Shin Kou’s Fantasy

Shin Kou Sabre has a secret admirer, a voyeur who thinks he’s safe and hidden, watching her through her window. But Shin knows he’s...

Phone Sex

“I have a picture of a guy on my phone. He’s a nice guy… and he has a dirty mind. Fucking him is like fucking myself…” Porn star Ad...

The Best Fantasies

“Sometimes I think about the time we went to that club, with all of those men…" Australian adult star Viola Turtle Dove takes us on...


Pyro visits a sexuality and lifestyle exhibition. She heads back to her hotel room to enjoy some of the sexy things she's bought, in...

The Boss Is Watching

Miley White masturbates with her favourite sex toys, all the while imagining that her boss is watching her get off, desperate to hav...

Wanting You

“You. I want you. I know it sounds silly but it’s like I need you. I’m not even really sure why.” Australian adult star Aeryn Walke...

Scarlet Woman

Morgana Muses emerges into a world of sensuality, sexual discovery and self-love. She revels in her body with costumes and veils bef...


Until recently Livia Vye had never taken a nude photo of herself. In Self/ies, her first erotic film, she confronts the taboos that...


Winner: Feminist Porn Awards 2015 Best BDSM Scene. Pandora Blake must follow the erotic instructions in a letter from her lover - an...

Fist Of The Spider Woman

On a cold, rainy night, a lone woman contemplates her lost love. As she stands by the neon-lit window, the rain falling outside, she...


"There's nothing more liberating than being able to create a space for myself... and to revel in sensation." Gala Vanting is transpo...

I Am Lucie Bee

Sex worker, artist and geek Lucie Bee invites us into her bedroom and shows off her cosplay outfits, her comics, her sex toys and he...


"I dream a scenario. It takes me over. I am immersed, if only for a brief time." Bishop Black indulges in a dance of sensuality befo...

Ryan James: Single Handed

A beautiful, sensual and evocative portrait of one of our favourite adult stars, Ryan James. Here he strips off and strokes his cock...

Chase: Shadows

Chase sensually strips off, his form revealed only in the shadows on the frosted glass door. He then settles in for some self-pleasu...

If You Were Here

Goth stripper and adult star Dragon Knight misses his girlfriend who is thousands of miles away. Possessed by melancholy, he listens...

Your Marks On My Skin

Jaiger can’t wait to see his lover again. Alone, he indulges in a fantasy of rough sex, imagining his willing girlfriend, eager for...

The Thought Of Her Short Film

A journey into one man’s erotic imagination. A celebration of the male body from a female perspective. Gorgeous Adam pleasures hims...

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