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This is Bright Desire: feminist porn for women and men. Here you’ll find a different kind of porn: re-visioned, feminist, artistic and positive.

Bright Desire celebrates all that’s good about sex – intimacy, pleasure, laughter, connection, fantasy and fun. It features a variety of adult content that includes all orientations, though the focus is on heterosexual sex. It’s for everyone seeking a better kind of erotica.

This site is committed to offering ethical porn with a focus on consent, ethical production values and respecting the work and identities of our performers. We love sex, they love sex and it shows in our films.

Bright Desire features exclusive erotic videos by Ms. Naughty, short films about sex, quality erotic fiction, reviews, columns and an archive of adult photos and movies.

At last! Smart, sensual, joyous, intimate, fun, artistic hot porn for everyone. Female-owned and operated.

Bright Desire Awards

Award-Winning Erotic Short Films And Festival Favourites

Bright Desire’s films have screened at over 100 film festivals and won over a dozen awards. Click on the links below to find out more.

Real Life Couples Porn


Mac and Bee

Real life couple Mac and Bee appear in their second-ever porn scene. They were both delightfully enthusiastic and the playfulness an...

Summer and Dean

Real life couple Summer Knight and Dean enjoy an intimate and playful encounter in a highrise apartment, windows open and in full vi...

Wendy and Dave

Real life couple Wendy and Dave make love in their own bedroom with the sun streaming in from outside. Dave gives Wendy a massage an...

Aeryn and Theo

This is the full sex scene starring Aeryn and Theo, featured in real time. As you can see, they are very much in love with each othe...

Jade And Tommy

Jade and Tommy are a real-life couple based in Canada. When we shot this scene, they'd been married less than six months and couldn'...

Molly and Rael

Real-life couple Molly and Rael enjoy a cheerful game of poker before getting down to the business of pleasure. They playfully strip...

Nichole and Jacob – Lazy Sunday

Real life couple Nichole and Jacob are having a lazy Sunday morning doing the washing up together but Nichole is feeling frisky. She...

Kim and Jay: 24/7

Kim Cums and Jay are a real-life couple who have a 24/7 consensual Dominant/submissive (D/s) relationship. In their scene together t...

Dirty Weekend Away

Kara and Devon head off to a swish hotel for a naughty weekend away. Champagne and sexy lingerie ramp up the romance and get them in...

The Solo Voiceover Series - Sensual masturbation and sexual fantasy

Queer Porn


Zahra’s First Spanking

In the hour before the Feminist Porn Awards, Zahra Stardust meets up with spanking aficionado Pandora Blake. Curious, Zahra consents...

See You Next Tuesday

It's Halloween and horror film fan Ivy Lane puts on a scary movie for her real-life lover Mikki Mischief. The tension builds until M...

Zack and Troy

Zack and Troy are good friends who are also occasional lovers. Zack is a professional porn star but this is Troy's first appearance...

Michelle and Marina: Likeness

Real life partners Michelle and Marina create a fantasy scene with echoes of real life. Marina models nude for Michelle - and flirts...

Gala And Li

Good friends Gala Vanting and Liandra Dahl give each other pleasure on Li’s bed while a neighbour mows his lawn, oblivious. This hot...

The Fantasy Project

Kate Eden’s research into female sexual fantasies leads her deep into the erotic imagination of women, a lush world of pleasure without consequences. Her subjects reveal a list of secret desires: a threesome with two men, a magic room with a male slave who exists only to give pleasure, a full service massage complete with cunnilingus, and a dark exploration of submission and group sex.

Her research is fascinating, arousing and all-consuming. But will Kate’s passion for her work lead her to lose herself – and her relationship?

Nominated for a Feminist Porn Award 2015, The Fantasy Project is Ms. Naughty’s first feature film. It is now available to watch in the member’s area.

Watch The Fantasy Project Online NOW!

Explore your fantasies. Enjoy real-world sex. Ignite your imagination. Celebrate positive sexuality. And have some fantastic, happy orgasms while you're at it. Bright Desire: Smart, Sensual Sex!

More Hot Scenes

Audio Erotica



"Well now. Don’t you look positively delectable like that? "You’re beautifully, vulnerably naked, your eyes dark pools in the candl...

Take Me – Audio Stories Porn

"Plunge your fingers hard into my hot cunt, grin when you feel the intense wetness, running down onto your hand. Taste it and laugh....

Your Tongue: Audio Erotica Story

"I think about how you will run your tongue along the inside of my thighs, slowly, as though I’m a glorious delicacy awaiting your c...

Bright Desire features a growing selection of audio erotica. The stories are written primarily from a female point of view. Close your eyes and let your imagination run free.

Bright Desire offers a wide variety of extra content including documentaries, behind the scenes footage, interviews, erotic fiction, columns, reviews, guest directors and heaps more.


Short Films And Documentaries

Bright Desire also features a variety of short films and mini-documentaries, created by myself and others. Plus blooper reels and be...


Bright Desire features post-scene interviews with all the performers. They talk about their work in porn, their hobbies, their relat...

Entertaining Reading

As well as erotic fiction, Bright Desire features a selection of columns, commentary and reviews, all discussing issues relating to...
Universal Minute 16

Guest Directors

Bright Desire features the work of new and established adult film directors. Most of these directors identify as feminist porn creat...

Under The Bed

Bright Desire features a bonus section called "Under The Bed". It's extra photos and movies that I have collected over the past 20 y...

“The site has an uncluttered and tasteful aesthetic, featuring adult film favorites and amateurs alike… Bright Desire is a refreshing entry into our porn galaxy.”
Violet Blue
Author, The Ultimate Guide To Adult Videos
As seen in Cosmopolitan, BBC News, ABC News, The Guardian, Huffpost, Glamour, MamaMia, Bustle, Bust, FHM, The Vine, Metro, Refinery 29, The Daily Dot, News.com.au, USA Today
Bright Desire has appeared in multiple news and magazine articles. Click for a full listing.
"The videos feature the silly, awkward side of sex as well as the hot and steamy side. The camera zooms in on men just as much as it does on women, and the scenes focus on the buildup of sexual tension couples experience before sex, so you can feel the heat rising."
Susannah Weiss
Glamour Magazine


“[Ms Naughty’s] vision makes Bright Desire quite a unique porn experience that is worth checking out.” – Rabbit’s Reviews

“A unique and entertaining HD niche collection that just leaves me wanting more. This is one I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on in the future!” – The Best Porn

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